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Protecting your home is easy when you choose Community for homeowners’ insurance. As an Independent Insurance Agency, we work with dozens of carriers to offer you more policy, coverage, and pricing options. Our agents serve homeowners locally in Burlington, Waterford, & Muskego, and are always eager to take on new clients anywhere in the great state of Wisconsin. Call Us at 262-534-1990 today to discuss your coverage needs and to get a quote started. We will compare homeowner quotes from top providers like Allstate, Progressive, Nationwide, Erie Insurance, Liberty Mutual, and more to find you the best policy.

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Homeowners Insurance Burlington & Waterford, WI

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Did you just buy a new home? Does the premium for your current homeowners’ policy keep going up? If you need homeowners’ insurance in Wisconsin, we want to hear from you! Our agents will help you understand exactly what perils are covered under your policy and what the limit of your coverage is. We aim to find you a homeowner’s policy that has favorable coverage, premiums, and deductibles. If you’re worried about liability coverage, we can also discuss your options for umbrella insurance.

Our experienced professionals will also make sure you get any homeowners insurance discounts you qualify for – like discounts for new home purchases, home alarm systems, and bundling home & auto insurance. When you need to make a claim on your policy, we go the distance to make the process easy and ensure you receive an adequate claim payout.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Standard Coverage | Already Included in Your Homeowners Policy

Dwelling Coverage covers damage done to your house and any attachments. A storm damages your roof, chimney, or garage – you’re covered. A pipe bursts in your kitchen and destroys the floors, countertops, cabinets, and appliances – you’re covered. Your HVAC system fails – you’re covered!

Other Structures Coverage covers structures on your property that are not attached to your house. Including driveways, fences, sheds, guest cottages, gazebos, decks, patios, and more.

Personal Property Coverage covers damaged or lost possessions; like electronics, appliances, furniture, clothing, and more. You’ll be reimbursed the value of your lost, stolen, or damaged possessions.

Loss of Use Coverage covers your temporary living expenses (like hotels and meals) when the repairs from dwelling coverage make your home unlivable.

Medical Payments Coverage pays medical bills for injuries sustained on your property. A guest visiting your house gets bit by your dog – you’re covered. Your child’s friend breaks their arm while playing on your property – you’re covered.

Personal Liability Coverage covers your financial loss when someone sues you for injury or property damage. For example: if a pizza delivery guy slips and falls in your driveway and sues you for his medical expenses, personal liability coverage will pay your lawyer and court fees.

Coverage Add-Ons | Ask Your Insurance Agent About Customizing Your Coverage

There are a few coverage options that are not standard, but may be exactly what you need; including:

Home Businesses are often excluded from standard homeowners insurance. Keep your business-related equipment and supplies protected with additional coverage.

Jewelry & Valuable Collections may require special coverage. Some high value items may even need separate policies.

Personal Injury Coverage protects you financially by covering any legal fees and damages you incur in lawsuits like slander, wrongful eviction, false imprisonment, and more.

Water Back-Up Coverage pays for damage caused by a backed up sump pump or sewer system.

Rebuilding & Inflation Protection is special because it changes with time to match the industry standard. If the inflation rate has risen greatly since you bought your policy, the cost to rebuild your home will be more expensive than originally calculated. That’s ok – you’ll be covered!

Let’s discuss your homeowners insurance options and get you a personalized quote – contact us!

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